Simon Ammann defends title in Switzerland

18 October 2015 12:31
Kilian Peier, Simon Ammann, Gregor Deschwanden
Kilian Peier, Simon Ammann, Gregor Deschwanden -
Swiss Ski

Simon Ammann defended his title at the Swiss national championships on the Andreas Kuettel hill in Einsiedeln on Sunday.

The four-time Olympic champion won on the HS 117 with the best jumps in both rounds on 113.5 m and 110.5 m and 244.7 points. The second place went to Kilian Peier, who scored a total of 230.6 points with his jumps on 108 m and 104 m. Only 0.3 points behind, Gregor Deschwanden finished third with 106.5 m and 104.5 m.

The win in the junior's competition went to Tobias Birchler with 109.5 m and 111 m and 244.4 points, 0.2 points ahead of Sandro Hauswirth (110 m / 109 m), Pascal Mueller came in third with 208.8 points (103.5 m / 100 m).

The team competition was won by ZSV 1, represented by Tobias Birchler, Andreas Schuler, Pascal Mueller and Pascal Kaelin, with 887.4 points, ahead of OSSV (Pascal Egloff, Sabrina Windmueller, Luca Egloff, Simon Ammann; 807.6 points) and SROM (Vital Anken, Janne Perini, Olivier Anken, Kilian Peier; 234.2 points). Simon Ammann fell in the final round, but he didn't suffer any injuries.

The events of the under 16-year-old boys and the ladies were held on the smaller Simon Ammann hill (HS 77).

In the category U 16, Sandro Hauswirth (71 m / 70.5 m; 229.8 points) took a clear win, followed by Pascal Mueller (67 m / 67.5 m; 208.9 points) and Dominik Peter (63.5 m / 67.5 m; 203.2 points). 

The ladies' title went to Sabrina Windmueller with jumps on 69 m and 68.5 m and 202.5 points. Charlotte Suter (60.5 m / 61 m; 175.8 points) and Julia Vonbank (35 m / 35 m; 42.0 points) were second and third.

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