Simon Ammann will continue his career

19 March 2014 12:38
Simon Ammann
Simon Ammann -

"Ski jumping is my passion. I feel that it's not time yet to retire. I'm convinced that I'm still able to compete with the world's best. The success in the first part of the past season and also the insights concerning the equipment are promising. That's why I'm still very motivated to continue", told the 32-year-old.

Also the fact that he will still be working with the same team was an important factor for the decision of the Swiss. "We have a lot of know-how in our team, which supports me and whom I trust. I need these conditions in order to be successful."

Of course also Berni Schoedler, head of ski jumping in the Swiss Ski Association, is happy about the decision of his team-leader. "We are very happy that Simon Ammann will remain part of Swiss ski jumping. With him the young athletes have a leader whom they can follow. He is a unique ambassador for ski jumping in Switzerland."