Ski Jumping in the USA - Two new projects

11 October 2016 08:58
Redwing hill - draft
Redwing hill - draft -

Two ambitious ski jumping projects are currently underway in the USA. Besides the ski flying hill Copper Peak in Ironwood, Michigan, the K125 Redwing Project is also in progress.

In Redwing, Minnesota, about 40 km out of Minneapolis, a brand new hill shall be built. The facility, located on Native American land, shall be financed by a private investor, in this case a nearby casino. 

According to the ambitious schedule of the planners, the ski jumping hill and all other construction works shall be completed by 2018. Besides the hill, a golf court and various other recreational options are part of the planning as well.

Copper Peak: Ski flying in summer

The planning for the Copper Peak ski flying hill in Ironwood is also making progress. At the FIS sub committee meetings in Zurich in September, the FIS sub committee agreed to three exceptions regarding Copper Peak. These exceptions are important for the further planning of the operators: The facility can be classified as a ski flying hill, although the HS of 170 is below the required HS of 185 for ski flying hills. In addition the hill can be covered with plastic mats in order to allow jumping/flying in summer. And training will be allowed on the facility outside of competitions under FIS supervision. This is usually not the case on ski flying hills.