Ski Jumping titles in Japan to Takeuchi and Takanashi

07 November 2016 09:16
Kento Sakuyama, Taku Takeuchi, Noriaki Kasai
Kento Sakuyama, Taku Takeuchi, Noriaki Kasai -

The Japanese men's and ladies' national Ski Jumping championships were held on the large hill in Hakuba last weekend.

The victory in the men's competition went to Taku Takeuchi. With a jump of 127.5 m the 29-year-old was already in the lead after the first round, he then secured the win and the national title with 132.5 m in the final and 242.8 points.

Kento Sakuyama, fourth after the first round with 130 m, moved up to the podium with a jump on the same distance in the final and finished second with his total of 239.6 points.

Once again veteran Noriaki Kasai showed that he is still one of the best. With 129.5 m and 131.5 m and 238.0 points the 44-year-old came in third.

Only 17-year-old Yuken Iwasa was not able to defend his second place from the first round in the final, but he landed on a very good fourth place, right behind Kasai.

Behind Iwasa, Ryoyu Kobayashi, Sho Suzuki and Daiki Ito came in on the places five to seven.

In the ladies' event Sara Takanashi proved to be unbeatable again. She dominated the competition and took a more than clear win with her jumps of 130 m and 125.5 m and 255.1 points. Yuki Ito was second with 110.5 m and 89.5 m (139.6 points), the third place went to Yuka Seto (90.5 m and 107 m; 130.7 points).

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