Slovenian victory in the fog of Oslo

06 February 2016 18:10
Jurij Tepes, Robert Kranjec, Peter Prevc, Domen Prevc
Jurij Tepes, Robert Kranjec, Peter Prevc, Domen Prevc -

Slovenia won the team competition in Oslo. Robert Kranjec, Jurij Tepes and Domen and Peter Prevc, prevented the win of the Norwegian hosts with 977.7 points. Norway came in second, the third place went to Japan.

The Prevc brothers led their team to a clear win in lockstep, both jumped on 126 m and 130 m. Kranjec did a very good job as well and had his longest jump with 127 m in the final. Jurij Tepes, who showed a weak performance in the team event at the Ski Flying World Championships and was partially to blame that Slovenia couldn't win a medal there, showed a good performance with 126 m as his best jump.

Domen Prevc said afterwards: I am very satisfied with my jumping and the performance of my teammates here at Holmenkollen. It’s obvious you have to trust your teammates during competitions – if you don’t, you won’t achieve much. I haven’t thought much about tomorrow yet, but of course I will do my best. I don’t want to make any predictions, I just want to jump really great. I wasn’t scared of the conditions today as I am used to them, because it’s also extremely foggy in my hometown Kranj, so it’s not so different here." 

Improvement in the final

The Norwegian ski flying World Champions could not live up to the high expectations completely and lost the win already in the first round, when only Daniel Andre Tande could jump over the 120 m mark with his 125 m. A clear improvement in the final, with jumps on 130 m by Tande and Kenneth Gangnes, was enough to finish second with 945.3 points. Also because Johann Andre Forfang didn't have his best day with 119.5 m and 120.5 m. 

Daniel Andre Tande said: "Today my jumping was quite good. Of course we wanted to finish on the first place in front of our home crowd, but we are really satisfied. We are looking forward to the competition tomorrow, it will be my first time at a World Cup event here, so I am excited. Looking at the result list from today, my favorites for tomorrow are either Peter Prevc, Stefan Kraft or me!"

The Japanese team with Daiki Ito, Kento Sakuyama, Taku Takeuchi and Noriaki Kasai was obviously very happy about the third place. Ito, with 125 m, and Kasai, with 124.5 m, provided the highlights for the Japanese. Takeuchi and Sakuyama showed consistent performances and so the team came in third with 927.2 points. Kento Sakuyama told later: "I was really surprised with by performance. I didn’t think we could make it to the podium, so I have to thank my teammates for that. I was relieved that the wind calmed down, but the fog made it difficult to see, so it was a bit scary. In my opinion Stefan Kraft is the favorite for tomorrow."

12.2 points behind, the all in all unconvincing German team finished fourth. Severin Freund had the longest jump of the Germans with 128 m in the final. Karl Geiger, who jumped on 122.5 m in the final round, and Andreas Wellinger, with two jumps on 121.5 m, lived up to the expectations, while the jumps of Richard Freitag on 118 m and 116 m were not good enough for a podium result.

Germany close ahead of Austria

At least the German team could come in ahead of their Austrian rivals. Stefan Kraft showed the best jumps of his team in both rounds with 127 m and 129.5 m. Michael Hayboeck was strong as well with 126 m and 127.5 m. With an okay performance of Manuel Poppinger and a disappointing Andreas Kofler the team came in fifth with 910.8 points.

For the Polish team especially Andrzej Stekala raised hopes for the individual competition on the Holmenkollen on Sunday with his final jump on 129.5 m. Dawid Kubacki could also gain some self confidence with 125 m in the final round. The recently most consistent Pole and winner of Friday's qualification, Stefan Hula, and double Olympic champion Kamil Stoch failed to reach the 120 m mark in all of their jumps. So the team came in sixth with 895.6 points.

Czech not strong enough

The Czech team probably expected a bit more in today's competition. 123.5 m of Roman Koudelka were the longest jump of the team. Neither Cestmir Kozisek, nor Jan Matura and Jakub Janda jumped over 119.5 m. The Czech Republic finished seventh with 828.0 points.

The Russian team with Evgeniy Klimov, Denis Kornilov, Ilmir Hazetdinov and Vladislav Boyarintsev scored 757.9 points, was eighth and could score some points in the Nation's Cup.

Disappointing Swiss team

The Swiss, with Simon Ammann, Gregor Deschwanden, Kilian Peier and Luca Egloff, were the only team who could not make the cut for the final round.

The individual competition on the Holmenkollen in Oslo will be held on Sunday at 2:15 pm CET.