Snow from Titisee-Neustadt to Willingen

22 January 2014 10:15
Willingen -

As in most parts of central Europe, it's also not really winter right now in Willingen, and these weather conditions are causing problems for the organizers of the World Cup competitions there. In order to prepare the hill, snow is now transported to Willingen with trucks.

According to a report of the newspaper "Badische Zeitung", Willingen now gets help from the organizers of the World Cup in Titisee-Neustadt, where a snow depot was set up already last winter to prepare the hill for the competition in December.

Now about 400 cubic meter of this snow were transported to Willingen earlier this week. The rest of the snow, that's needed at the "Muehlenkopf"-hill, has to be bought from indoor ski resorts. In contrast, the organizers get snow of the Black Forest for free.

"The transportation costs for this endeavor are high enough. And here the snow would just have melted or be rained away. If our event would have been scheduled for late January we would not have produced snow either. Then you are sure that it will be cold enough. This could have happened to us as well, we have to work together", Joachim Haefker, general secretary of the World Cup in Titisee-Neustadt, said on

Of course, the people in Willingen are happy about this support. "Special thanks go to Neustadt for their spontanous help", said Wilhelm Saure, president of the ski club Willingen. 

The two individual competitions in Willingen will take place on February 1st and 2nd and are the final test for the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.