Swiss teams for 2014/15 announced

11 April 2014 13:06
Simon Ammann
Simon Ammann -

The Swiss Ski Association was the first to announce its teams for the upcoming 2014/14 season.

Four time Olympic Champion Simon Ammann, last winter seventh in the overall World Cup, is the only athlete who was named on the national team.

Before the World Cup final in Planica mid March the 32-year-old announced that he wants to continue his career: "Ski jumping is my passion. I feel that it's not the right time to retire yet."

Gregor Deschwanden, as 33rd in the overall World Cup 2013/14 clearly the second best Swiss, is on the A-team of Swiss Ski together with Marco Grigoli and Pascal Kaelin.


Swiss teams 2014/15


National team: Simon Ammann

A-Team: Gregor Deschwanden, Marco Grigoli, Pascal Kaelin

B-Team: Pascal Egloff, Kilian Peier

C-Team: Tobias Birchler, Luca Egloff, Gabriel Karlen, Andreas Schuler



B-Team: Sabrina Windmueller