Taku Takeuchi and Dawid Kubacki ahead in the qualification

29 January 2016 09:53
Taku Takeuchi, Dawid Kubacki
Taku Takeuchi, Dawid Kubacki -

Taku Takeuchi and Dawid Kubacki won the qualification for the first home event of the Japanese jumpers in Sapporo. The local hero and the pole scored a total of 129.8 points for their jumps on 133.5 m and 133 m.

The third place went to Olympic Champion Kamil Stoch, who jumped on 128 m for 119.2 points.

Under cold temperatures and good conditions in Sapporo the Japense had more reason to celebrate with Daiki Ito in fourth with 125.5 m and 117.8 points.

Polish team with convincing performance

With Maciej Kot in fifth and Stefan Hula in sixth the Polish team confirmed its upward trend. Behind the Slovenes Robert Kranjec (115.7 points) and Anze Lanisek (115.6 points), Tomas Vancura was the best Czech in ninth with 115.2 points. In a very close field, Manuel Fettner was the best of the Austrian team in tenth with 114.6 points.

Strong Japanese

Shohei Tochimoto and Ryoyu Kobayashi in 11th and 13th completed the good performance of the hosts. Andrzej Stekala was 12th and the fifth Pole in the Top 15 today. Young German David Siegel qualified with a good 14th place, Vincent Descombes Sevoie finished 15th. Behind Ville Larinto, Gregor Deschwanden was the best Swiss in 18th, the Norwegians Andreas Stjernen, Joachim Hauer and Anders Fannemel had some difficulties in 22nd, 32nd and 37th.

Korek injured

In 34th, Kevin Bickner was the only US American to qualify. Bad luck for Canadian Dusty Korek: He sustained a season-ending injury when he went skiing in Sapporo on Thursday.

The pre-qualified jumpers lived up to the expectations. Domen Prevc showed the longest jump of the round with 141 m, Severin Freund and Peter Prevc started from a lower gate and jumped on 132.5 m and 133.5 m.

The first individual competition in Sapporo will start on Saturday at 8:30 am CET.