Team Canada faces uncertain future

09 August 2014 10:02
Ski Jumping Team Canada
Ski Jumping Team Canada -

The future for ski jumping in Canada is uncertain, after "Own the Podium", a non-for-profit organization that is working together with the Canadian government, the national Olympic committee and various sports associations to fund Olympic sports, will no longer support the discipline.

According to a report on the website, "Own the Podium" (OTP) will stop funding ski jumping and nordic combined in Canada for the 2014/15 season.

Curtis Lyon, chairman and high-performance director of Ski Jumping Canada, confirmed this decision on and also stated that so far he has not been officially informed about the funding cut. "I knew the number of sports getting cut plus there has obviously been leaked information. I know what I’ve seen even if it hasn’t been 100-percent official. Other sports have been notified of their dollar amounts so I’m just assuming that they’re not even taking the time to give us the call back.”

Now it's of course all about finding new possiblities of funding. "We are working with Sport Canada to gain recognition under the Sport Funding Accountability Framework. If that process goes well we can hopefully secure some level of support for the next four years but this is still unclear. Obviously we were expecting some investment from Own the Podium based on what we felt were fairly strong results and a fairly strong program going forward. It was obviously pretty frustrating as that was not the case.”

Peter Judge, Director of Winter Sport at OTP, explains the decision of his organization with the results of the Canadian athletes. "Our mandate and our mission is simply around medal potential for 2018. On the ski-jumping side, again I looked at the data that was there and it was hard pressed to find medal potential for 2018", so Judge on