US teams for the 2014/15 season named

05 June 2014 06:45
Team USA
Team USA -
USA Ski Jumping

The US American teams for the upcoming 2014/15 season were announced in Park city on Friday.

No athletes were named to the A-team for the next winter. Nick Alexander, Nick Fairall, Michael Glasder and Anders Johnson are on the B-Team, Will Rhoads, Kevin Bickner, Trevor Edlund, Nick Mattoon, AJ Brown, Miles Lussi and Christian Friberg were named to the Junior National Team.

"We made some real progress last year, and things are moving forward, but this year is a World Championship season, and we have some big plans for these athletes, and we have no time to rest", Alan Johnson, USA Ski Jumping Athletic Director, is quoted on

After the preparation for the new season started late May/early June with athletic training and various tests, it's now time to return back to the hill. A part of the team will start the jumping training this weekend in Park City with head coach Clint Jones, the rest will join the team over the next few weeks or train in Slovenia with coach Bine Norcic. The first competition for Team USA this summer will be the Continental Cup in Kranj (SLO) early July.