Thomas Morgenstern is on the mend

13 January 2014 12:57
Thomas Morgenstern
Thomas Morgenstern -

At a press conference in the emergency hospital in Salzburg on Monday, the doctors had good news concerning the state of health of Thomas Morgenstern, who suffered a serious fall in training at the ski flying event in Bad Mitterndorf.

"Today's CT of the cranium and the lung showed a complete remission of the cerebral hemorrhage and also of the lung contusion. He is in a stable condition and we are very satisfied with the recovery process", said Dr. Josef Obrist, chief physician of the UKH Salzburg.

The 27-year-old shall now stay in the hospital in Salzburg until the end of this week, then he will be transferred to a clinic in Klagenfurt, where the physical and neurological rehabilitation will be continued.

At this press conference, team doctor Juergen Barthofer spoke about the future: "Now it's important that Thomas will get completely healthy again and that the injuries will have no consequences. Now there will be 14 days of regeneration and rehabilitation, then we can think about how it will continue for him concerning this season and his career." Even competing at the Olympic Games is not totally impossible. "Now we will have to wait these 14 days and then we will see."

Also Thomas Morgenstern, who, according to head coach Alexander Pointner, doesn't remember the crash but has already watched a video of it, issued a statement on his facebook page on Monday. He wrote: "I'm so grateful for my recovery. And I'm speechless about the many good wishes here. I try to read as many as possible of them, what gives me strength. Thank you so much to my family, the medical team and to everybody, who stands by my side! All the best, Thomas"