Thomas Morgenstern will start jumping again soon

25 June 2014 20:07
Thomas Morgenstern
Thomas Morgenstern -

Thomas Morgenstern has not made a final decision yet, whether he will continue his successful career after the two serious falls he had last winter. But nevertheless the Austrian is already training for the next season.

"It's a special kind of preparation for me with regard to the upcoming ski jumping season. Of course, after everything that happened, I have to invest lots of energy and an extra portion of motivation in the continuation of my career. But basically I'm training for next season. Everything else remains to be seen over the next weeks", the 27-year-old said in an interview on

The Olympic Champion from 2006 didn't start jumping again yet, but he plans to return to the hill for the first time since the Winter Games in Sochi soon. "I think this will happen in two or three weeks. As I usually do I will then work on my jumps for three months. I think that a lot will become clear during this period. I hope that the question if my career will go on or not will then not arise anymore."