Three national titles for Manuel Fettner

15 October 2016 12:47
Manuel Fettner, Jacqueline Seifriedsberger
Manuel Fettner, Jacqueline Seifriedsberger -
ÖSV / Kotlaba

Two days after the individual competition on the large hill in Bischofshofen, the Austrian ski jumping championships concluded with the competitions on the normal hill in Eisenerz.

And like already on Thursday, Manuel Fettner was unbeatable again. The 31-year-old was the best in both round with jumps of 102.5 m and 104.5 m and took his next national title with 270.5 points."Of course I'm extremely happy that it works so well for me right now. I definitely didn't expect that. I've made consistent progress and didn't get distractet. I guess that's the most important thing", said Fettner.

Stefan Kraft also repeated his result from Bischofshofen. With 98 m and 102 m and 261.2 points he could celebrate yet another silver medal. Only 0.1 points behind, Andreas Kofler finished third with 100.5 m and 102 m.

Michael Hayboeck, third on the large hill, missed the podium in this event and came in fifth, behind Clemens Aigner (4th).

The ladies' competition ended with a more than clear win for Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, who jumped on 92.5 m and 96.5 m (219.6 points). The second and third place went to Elisabeth Raudaschl (86.5 m and 87 m; 189.7 points) and Julia Huber (83.5 m and 85 m; 182.9 points).

3 x Gold for Fettner

The team competition on the normal hill took place on Friday. The win went to the team Tyrol 1 (996.3 points) with Andreas Kofler, Elias Tollinger, Clemens Aigner and Manuel Fettner, who stood on top of the podium in all three competitions of the championships. Salzburg 1 (Daniel Huber, Janni Reisenauer, Florian Altenburger, Stefan Kraft; 919.2 points) came in second, Upper Austria 1 (Thomas Diethart, Maximilian Steiner, Markus Schiffner, Michael Hayboeck; 901.7 points) was third.

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