Two national titles for Denis Kornilov

09 October 2017 15:46
Aleksandr Bazhenov, Denis Kornilov, Mikhail Nazarov
Aleksandr Bazhenov, Denis Kornilov, Mikhail Nazarov -
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Denis Kornilov was the best in both competitions at the Russian Championships on the Olympic hills in Sochi (RUS).

On the normal hill, the 31-year-old, who was on the podium in Courchevel and Chaikovsky during this year's FIS Grand Prix, won with jumps of 101.5 m and 94.5 m and 241.1 points.

Only 0.6 points behind, Aleksandr Bazhenov came in second with 98.5 m and 96 m, Mikhail Nazarov was third with 96 m and 97.5 m and a total of 236.1 points.

In a very close competition on Saturday, Roman Trofimov was fourth and missed a place in the Top 3 by less than one points. Ivan Lanin and Ilmir Hazetdinov finished fifth and sixth.

In the large hill event on Monday morning, Denis Kornilov took his next national title with 133.5 m and 137.5 m and 248.7 points. This time Ilmir Hazetdinov, who jumped on 132.5 m in both rounds (244.0 points) and Dimitry Vassiliev (135.5 m and 137 m; 234.6 points) stood on the podium with him.

Roman Trofimov finished fourth once again, followed by Alexey Romashov and Aleksandr Bazhenov in fifth and sixth.

Irina Avvakumova was in a league of her own in the ladies competition. She won the title on the normal hill with 97 m and 98.5 m and 234.0 points, clearly ahead of Anastasiya Barannikova (95.5 m and 94 m; 212.6 points) and Lidiia Iakovleva (94.5 m and 93 m; 211.0 points).

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