Universiade: Team-Gold to Russia and Poland

18 December 2013 18:47
The Top 3 teams of Russia, Poland and Austria
The Top 3 teams of Russia, Poland and Austria -
Universiade / Pierre Teyssot

After the men's and ladies' individual competitions on the normal hill took place in Predazzo last weekend, the mixed-team competition and the men's team competition were held at the Universiade on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In the mixed team competition Mikhail Maksimochkin and Irina Avvakumova won the Gold medal for Russia with 508.1 points. "We couldn't have had a better team. Mikhail and I were well prepared for this competition. I already knew the hill because I participated in the World Championships, and I like it", said Avvakumova.

Sami Niemi of Finland, who already won the individual event, was once again the best athlete in the competition, but this time it was not enough to win. Together with Julia Kykkaenen he won Silver (505.1 points). Slovenia, with Mitja Meznar and Katja Pozun, came in third with 500.6 points.

The Gold medal in the men's team competition went to the favorites of Poland. Aleksander Zniszczol, Bartlomiej Klusek and Krzysztof Biegun took a clear win with their total of 755.5 points.

Russia, with Roman Trofimov, Alexander Sardyko and Mikhail Maksimochkin, won a close battle for the Silver medal with 727.7 points. Bronze went to Austria (Daniel Huber, David Unterberger, Clemens Aigner) with 721.9 points. 

Japan (Yumu Harada, Shotaro Hosoda, Junshiro Kobayashi) missed the podium by only 0.6 points, Slovenia (Miran Zupancic, Gasper Bartol, Mitja Meznar) came in only 2.1 points behind the third-placed team.  

Results Mixed-Team
Results Team Men