USA: National titles to Nick Fairall and Sarah Hendrickson

13 October 2014 09:44
Anders Johnson, Nick Fairall, Will Rhoads
Anders Johnson, Nick Fairall, Will Rhoads -
USA Ski Jumping

The US national Championships on the normal hill were held on the Olympic hill in Lake Placid last weekend.

Nick Fairall took the men's title on Sunday with jumps on 97.5 m and 100.5 m and a total of 268.0 points. Anders Johnson, who shared the first place with Fairall after the first round and his jump on 98 m, landed at 97 m in the final and finished second overall with 260.0 points. Will Rhoads took the third spot on the podium with his strong second jump on 100 m and 249.5 points.

"It was a tough week training with a lot of wind and adverse conditions but today was excellent. The conditions were fair, for the most part, for everyone. My jumps were decent. I was able to put two of them together, so I’m pleased with the outcome. I’m just glad to go home with the title", the winner is quoted on

Head coach Clint Jones was also happy with the competition and the performance of his athletes. "Today's small hill national championships did not disappoint, after the first round Anders and Nick were tied for the lead, and we had five or six USASJ athletes close behind. Then Nick was able to sneak ahead of Anders on the final jump to take the title. Will's second jump was terrific. I was very satisfied with the performance of the team today," 

World Champion Sarah Hendrickon won the ladies' competition with jumps on 92 m and 97.5 m and 245.5 points. Two points behind the winner, Jessica Jerome came in second with 92.5 m and 96 m. Tara Geraghty-Moats was third with 89.5 m and 96.5 m (230.5 points). "We really had a high level of competition, with both Jessica and Tara in the field. I’m really happy with the results. It was nice to have the headwind and I think that it was pretty consistent, pretty fair and definitely safe and fun conditions. That’s what you look for in a ski jumping competition.

The US American Championships on the large hill were won by Christian Friberg and Jessica Jerome early August in the Utah Olympic Park in Park City.


Top 10 US American Championships, Lake Placid K 90; October 12th, 2014

Rank Name Distance Points
1. Fairall, Nick 97.5 m - 100.5 m 268.0
2. Johnson, Anders 98 m - 97 m 260.0
3. Rhoads, Will 92.5 m - 100 m 249.5
4. Glasder, Mike 92.5 m - 97.5 m 248.0
5. Bickner, Kevin 91.5 m - 93.5 m 236.0
6. Mattoon, Nick 91 m - 93.5 m 231.5
7. Fletcher, Bryan 90.5 m - 89.5 m 226.0
8. Friberg, Christian 91.5 m - 89 m 224.5
9. Wallace, Brian 89.5 m - 83.5 m 210.0
10. Brown, AJ 83.5 m - 79.5 m 185.5

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