USA: National titles to Will Rhoads and Nina Lussi

02 August 2015 16:51
Kevin Bickner, Will Rhoads, Christian Friberg
Kevin Bickner, Will Rhoads, Christian Friberg -

The victories at the US national championships on the large hill, held on Saturday in Park City, went to Will Rhoads an Nina Lussi.

20-year-old Will Rhoads showed jumps on 125.5 m and 128.5 m in the Utah Olympic Park and took his first Gold medal at national championships with a total of 254.7 points. "Really excited to claim my first national title today at home in Park City! A massive shout out to everyone who came out to support and especially Jess Tidswell for keeping me healthy enough to compete today", Will Rhoads wrote on facebook.

In absence of the two injured athletes Nick Alexander and Nick Fairall and Anders Johnson, who decided to take a longer break from ski jumping, Kevin Bickner finished second with 124 m and 127 m and 249.8 points. The third place went to the defending champion Christian Friberg with 123.5 m and 126.5 m (246.5 points).

Canada's Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, who starts a comeback this season after a one year break, came in second in this competition with 122 m and 130 m (251.1 points), but he was not eligible for the US nationals.

Nina Lussi won the title in the ladies' competition with 117 m and 120 m and 216.1 points, followed by Tara Geraghty-Moats (117 m/118.5 m; 210.4 points) and Abby Hughes (116 m/116 m; 210.1 points. The best female jumper in Park City was French Lea Lemare with 120 m and 118.5 m (219.8 points).

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