Ville Larinto takes the title in Lahti

08 October 2017 14:09
Janne Ahonen, Ville Larinto, Eetu Nousiainen
Janne Ahonen, Ville Larinto, Eetu Nousiainen -
Lahden Hiihtoseura

Ville Larinto won the Finnish Ski Jumping Championships on the large hill in Lahti on Sunday.

With a jump of 124.5 m the local hero was only third after the first round, he could then secure the title with 127.5 m in the final and a total of 268.5 points.

Janne Ahonen came in second with 127 m and 125 m and 265.5 points. Eetu Nousiainen, who was in the lead after the first half of the competition, finished third with his jumps of 128.5 m and 123.5 m and 263.0 points.

The Top 6 were completed by Juho Ojala, Antti Aalto and Lauri Asikainen. 

The hosting club of these nationals, Lahden Hiihtoseura, celebrated the victory in the team event. Arttu Pohjola, Frans Taehkaevuori, Ville Larinto and Janne Ahonen won the competition on Saturday evening with 886.0 points, ahead of Ounasvaaran Hiihtoseura (Olli Salmela, Harri Olli, Niko Kytoesaho, Andreas Alamommo; 880.5 points) and Kuusamon Erae-Veikot (Juho Ojala, Jonne Vetelaeinen, Kalle Heikkinen, Lauri Asikainen; 874.5 points).

The win in the juniors competition went to Kalle Heikkinen with 95 m and 96.5 m and 251.0 points. Two points behind the winner, Niko Kytoesaho was second with 94.5 m and 95 m. Rasmus Aehtaeva came in third with 224.5 points )90.5 m and 91.5 m). 

Julia Kykkaenen ladies' title with her total of 203.0 points (83.5 m and 87.5 ), Susanna Forsstroem (77.5 m and 87 m; 180.0 points) and Julia Tervahartiala (67 m and 65 m; 107.0 points) came in second and third. 

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