Ville Larinto wins title in Taivalkoski

03 April 2016 08:32
Frans Taehkaevuori, Ville Larinto, Sami Niemi
Frans Taehkaevuori, Ville Larinto, Sami Niemi -

Ville Larinto won the Finnish national championships on the HS 80 in Taivalkoski on Saturday.

The 25-year-old from Lahti, whose best World Cup result this past winter was a 17th place in Willingen, took the title with jumps on 71.5 m and 72.5 m and 267.4 points.

The second place surprisingly went to Frans Taehkaevuori with 73.5 m and 71.5 m and 265.5 points. Sami Niemi, who didn't take part in any international competitions last season, showed the longest jump of the day with 76.5 m in the first round. With his second jump on 70 m and 264.8 points he finished third overall.

Lauri Asikainen, in 48th the best Finn in the overall World Cup 2015/16, came in sixth, behind Andreas Alamommo and Janne Korhonen.

Also competing again was Toni Nieminen, 1992 Olympic Champion, who made his comeback in the national championships late January. Like about two months agi in Lahti, the 40-year-old was 17th also in Taivalkoski now.

The ladies' competition was won by Jenny Rautionaho with 68 m and 67 m (197.6 points), ahead of Susanna Forsstroem (63 m / 61 m; 166.2 points) and Julia Tervahartiala (50 m / 56 m; 1116.0 points).

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