Vincent Descombes Sevoie the best in the qualification

05 August 2016 19:18
Vincent Descombes Sevoie
Vincent Descombes Sevoie -

Vincent Descombes Sevoie of France won the qualification for the FIS Grand Prix 2016 in Einsiedeln (SUI). Descombes Sevoie posted a jump of 112.5 m on the HS 117 hill in Einsiedeln and reached today's best score with 130.3 points.

Behind the French, Poland's Jakub Wolny and Austria's Philipp Aschenwald finished second and third. Klemens Muranka in fourth completed the strong result of the Polish team.

Also their two pre-qualified jumpers Maciej Kot and Kamil Stoch had some top jumps this evening.  

A total of six Swiss athletes will get the chance to compete in front of their home crowd on Saturday. The best of the local heroes was Gregor Deschwanden in 8th. 

Under cool temperatures and various short rain showers, the fans in Einsiedeln saw an interesting qualification, which was hindered by changing wind conditions. "It was really difficult today. My jump was great, but the landing was very bad. I was so high that I had no chance to make a good landing", explained Dawid Kubacki of Poland, who had the longest jump of the day with 117.5 m but came in only 15th due to his bad landing.

Japan's Kenshiro Ito, competing with bib 31, provided some extra excitement when he lost control of a ski before the start. The ski then went down a few gates and crashed into the fence, what severely damaged the binding and the surface of the ski. The jury allowed Ito to make his jump right before the ten pre-qualified athletes. After the technician of the Japanese team was able to repair the ski, Ito showed a very good jump and made the cut for the competition in 17th.

Norway's Tom Hilde, who was in the lead in the qualification, was disqualified because his suit did not meet the rules.

The competition in Einsiedeln will start on Saturday at 6:00 pm CET.