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  • The Top 6 in Oberwiesenthal

    COC: Lucile Morat wins her COC debut

    The first of two ladies' Continental Cup competitions in Oberwiesenthal (GER) ended with a big surprise. Lucile Morat could celebrate the win in her very first ...

  • Sebastian Colloredo, Lukas Hlava, Aleksander Zniszczol

    COC: Home win for Lukas Hlava

    The Czech team had a perfect start of the Continental Cup weekend in Frenstat pod Radhostem. Lukas Hlava secured a home win there on Friday afternoon.

  • Taku Takeuchi

    Japanese double victory in the qualification

    In the heavy rain of Hakuba, Taku Takeuchi won the qualification for the first competition of the FIS Grand Prix 2016 in Japan. With two outstanding jumps ...

  • Sepp Gratzer, Michael Neumayer, Walter Hofer

    Michael Neumayer returns to Hakuba

    This has never happened before: A previous year's winner returns to the location of his success as an FIS equipment controller.

  • Severin Freund

    Severin Freund is back on the hill

    World Champion Severin Freund could return to the hill after a long break due to injury.