• Patrizia Kummer won the last three PSL races in Bad Gastein - will she do it again?

    Outstanding field to compete in Bad Gastein

  • Nadya Ochner (ITA) and Roland Fischnaller (ITA) are the first ever winners of a Parallel Team Event

    Nadya Ochner and Roland Fischnaller claim victory at first ...

  • The winners of the PSL World Cup race in Montafon: Sabine Schöffmann (AUT) and Roland Fischnaller (ITA)

    Schöffmann and Fischnaller top podium at Montafon Parallel ...

  • Men's Podium Carezza PGS World Cup with 2nd Zan Kosir (SLO), 1st Roland Fischnaller (ITA) and 3rd Jasey Jay Anderson (CAN)

    Kreiner and Fischnaller win season's opener of the Alpine ...

  • The World Cup team of Team Italia wants to deliver at their sole home turf race

    Azzurri can't wait to get things going

  • The Rogla World Cup slope on Jasa looks very promising

    Last Olympic qualifier chance for raceboarders in Slovenia