• If there is a favourite for a medal in one of the alpine snowboarding events it's for sure Patrizia Kummer (SUI)

    Time for the alpine snowboarders to make history

  • Top 3 men at Copper Mountain: Dufour, Walder and Karl

    Ingemar Walder and Ester Ledeck√° win second PSL NorAm Cup

  • Top 3 men at Copper Mountain NorAm PSL race #1 - Prommegger, Karl and Kislinger

    Karl and Kummer win PSL NorAm Cup #1 at Copper Mountain

  • Top 3 men at Copper Mountain NorAm PGS race #1 - Reiter, Karl and Dufour

    First NorAm Cup results are in

  • Will the Austrian parallel team celebrate another successful season lime in 2013 again?

    Austrian Parallel Team heads over the ditch

  • Marion Kreiner, Benjamin Karl, Dr. Petra Bohuslav, OC CEO Herta Mikesch and Benjamin Karl are looking forward to the race

    The world's best snowboarders back at JAUerling