Fifth knee surgery in less than a year for Kober

03 June 2016 18:49
A photo we don't wanna see again: Amelie Kober in hospital
A photo we don't wanna see again: Amelie Kober in hospital -

As it it wasn't enough last year! After four knee surgeries in 2015, Amelie Kober had to undergo another one – this time, it was the left knee which needed some 'work-over'.

Pretty sure that Amelie Kober, the most successful German snowboarder in history, is damning that day during her summer training last year when the 29-year-old tore her right ACL in a slackline accident.

Ever since, the mother of one who has being plagued by injuries a lot during her career had to undergo four surgeries in 2015 after two operations didn't went off as expected!

Now, due to the subsequent ongoing false posture, Kober got diagnosed with a cartilage damage in her left knee.

After a successful surgery this week, it's now time for some rehab again whilst the two-time Olympic medallist is hoping to be fit again in six months.

“The last year was tough, but I also learned a lot. You definitely appreciate those small steps forward after injury and what's really important in life. Thanks to my coaches and doctors for the support over the past months,” she said.