Kosir with Overall World Cup title in Japan | Career first for Zogg

01 March 2015 15:20
Another reason for Kosir to smile: back-to-back win in Japan, season's third and always on the podium. Boom!
Another reason for Kosir to smile: back-to-back win in Japan, season's third and always on the podium. Boom! -
Atsushi Tomura

At the second event within 24 hours staged in the Santa Present Park of Asahikawa, Japan, the Swiss racer earned her career's first while Kosir not only claimed a back-to-back win but also the title of the Overall FIS Alpine Snowboard World Cup.

In the ladies' final, Zogg, a five-time Junior World Champion and current national champion, edged off new psl World Cup leader Sabine Schoeffmann of Austria to the second rank thanks to a tiny advantage of 0.12.

“I already had some good qualifier runs, and in the finals it got better with every heat. It was fun today, we had some great duels, and it was very exciting,” said Zogg.

However, she also capitalised on a little mistake of her rival in the finals as Schoeffmann, explained:

“I had some great runs over the whole day; except of the finals against Julie. I lost ground right after the start, was able to catch up a bit but couldn't pass her anymore.”

Nevertheless, Schoeffmann's career's second podium, all claimed in the current season, put the Austrian hopeful for the psl crystal globe in the lead of the discipline World Cup ranking (1,890).

“I'm happy that I'm bringing back the Yellow Leader-jersey to Europe.”

However, with two more races to come, there are some other athletes who are within reach, too.

Besides today's victorious rider Zogg, also Julia Dujmovits (AUT) and Ester Ledecka (CZE) are also with in the circle of globe aspirants after their tight duel in the small final.

In the end, it was the Austrian Olympic champion who beat the reigning pgs world champion with the tiny mere of 0.01, an advantage which Dujmovits had in three of her four duels today.

“I never experienced anything like this,” said the most fortunate person of today. “Winning three times with one hundredths shows how strong and deep the ladies' field currently is,” explained Dujmovits.

True words by yesterday's pgs winner as also the race for the big crystal globe is getting closer again with Ledecka (3,550) and Zogg (3,540) catching up on Marion Kreiner (AUT, 3,950) who finished tenth today.

Second title for Kosir within 24 hours

In the men competition things have twisted rapidly to the advantage of Zan Kosir who keeps on working on the season of his life!

The two-time 2014 Olympic medallist and pgs silver medallist of the last world championships not only earned a back-to-back win in Japan but also secured his seventh podium finish in the seventh World Cup race this season making him the undisputed winner of the Overall Alpine Snowboard World Cup tour already (5,800).

It was a result which the Kosir had worked hard for: “I was very motivated in Japan – just like at the Olympics. It's the promised land for me now.”

The dominating man of the raceboard scene snapped his winter's third win against US athlete Justin Reiter, who brought home his career's best World Cup result and third podium finish.

“Today was a blast! The organizers did an amazing job. I have always wanted to podium in Japan and I am very happy to have accomplished that. Second is bittersweet. I felt a victory today but a mistake in the finals cost me that chance,” Reiter told the media after the event.

Mirko Felicetto (ITA) won the battle for third against Rok Flander (SLO).

The FIS Alpine Snowboard World Cup tour continues in Moscow, Russia on March 7th. On a huge scaffolding ramp, the season's fourth parallel slalom will take place under the lights at 7 PM LOC (4 PM CET).