Nevi Galmarini: The last season was the best I ever had!

26 October 2017 13:50
Nevin Galmarini's last season was a blast including a bronze medal in the World Championships PGS event
Nevin Galmarini's last season was a blast including a bronze medal in the World Championships PGS event -
Oliver Kraus

The Swiss Snowboard Team had its official media day in the lead-up to the knew season a few days ago and took some time to sit down with Nevin Galmarini and talk about his last season as well as his preps and goals for the Olympic winter. Nevin, how has your preparation for the new season been going so far?

Nevin Galmarini: So far, everything has been fine. We had pretty good snow conditions although it’s only October. I wouldn’t mind if the season would kick off tomorrow.

Did you change anything in your training routine in order to get in shape for the winter?

Nothing special I’m aware of. I know how my body works and what my body needs, so I didn’t change that much.

The only thing which differs to the previous summers is that I was riding my mountain bike more than ever before. But that’s because I have a passion for mountain biking and not because I think my snowboarding would benefit more from it.

You had a very strong showing last season. What was the difference to the two weaker seasons which followed your silver medal from Sochi?

It’s always hard to tell why something is actually working out well. But you are right, the last season was the best I ever had!

I guess it’s because everything came together.

We have a strong men team in Switzerland and a very good staff behind it. In addition, everything fell into place gear-wise. It was my second season on an Oxess board which means the settling-in period was already over.

The new season will bring not only a home soil World Cup event but one on your home slopes of Scuol, a personal highlight for you.

Wow, yeah. It’s really cool that my home town has committed itself to hosting a World Cup for and with me. I’m looking forward to it, and I also think that my teammates do so as well.

Of course, I do hope that I will perform well as it would be the best present for everyone in Scuol I could make.

Another highlight will be the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang. Do you feel more or less pressure going into it with less events to compete in and a Sochi medal under your belt already?

Of course it feels better to go into a major event knowing that you have a second chance as we had in Sochi with the PGS and PSL.

But everyone who knows me knows that I don’t care. No matter if there are ten races or just one, I always give it 100%. Having more events doesn’t change a thing for me.

It’s the same for the fact that I already have a medal. It doesn’t change a thing. I always go all in.