PSL World Cup title goes to Kummer and Fischnaller

23 February 2013 19:48
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Caroline Calve (CAN) and Stanislav Detkov (RUS) have won the season's third and thus last parallel slalom of the 2013 FIS Snowboard World Cup which got staged as a ramp event in the All-Russia Exhibition Center right in the heart of Moscow, Russia.

Calve celebrated her career's second by edging off today's biggest surprise Alexandra Krol (POL) to second in the flood light finals on the massive scaffolding construction, which were held in a single-run format.

"I can't believe I came on top of the podium in a parallel slalom. It's a very short course, the surface is very hard and I could just ride the bottom so well that I think when I was behind I knew I could make it in the bottom, and it's just one of these courses that it's just good to me, like today,” said Calve.

Krol raced on the World Cup podium for the first time; before the 22-years-old had missed the finals of the top-16 in 25 World Cup starts.

It's amazing I don't know what to say. It was already my first time in the finals today, so I was already happy with my result, and then I eventually got on the podium,” cheered Krol who is the second Polish rider ever to place on the podium in a Parallel World Cup race after the finals.

Reigning PSL World Champion Ekaterina Tudegesheva (RUS) took the third rank beating Selina Joerg (GER) in the small finals.

On the men's side of things, Detkov crowned his 50th World Cup start by winning his career's first. So far, his best result was a fifth rank earned in the PGS at Valmalenco, Italy, 2011.

In the finals, the fourth ranked rider of the 2010 Olympics held the upper hand on Nevin Galmarini (SUI).

Roland Fischnaller (ITA) rounded out the podium as third, Justin Reiter (USA) finished in fourth position.

Only ONE hundredths of a second decides PSL World Cup race

The small Crystal Globe for the PSL World Cup title went to Patrizia Kummer (SUI) and Fischnaller who said:

I had so much pressure to get the Parallel World Cup trophy, but now I got it and I'm proud of it. I'm also happy for Detkov because he finally can shave his beard having finally won.”

While Fischnaller took home his career's first and the first World Cup title for Italy since 2002 with 2,200 points, Kummer won her career's second Crystal Globe due to her qualifier results.

As the Swiss 2012 Parallel World Cup winner was only one hundredths faster in the time trials than Amelie Kober (GER), who also lost her quarter final duel, Kummer got placed fifth in the final result thus earning 50 points more than sixth ranked Kober.

As a result, Kummer finished the PSL World Cup season with 1,690 points and thus in first position while Kober ended up as runner-up with 1,600 points.

It's unbelievable, I cannot describe my feelings right now, I'm so happy with taking home the Parallel Crystal Globe - another one,” cheered Kummer.

Let's see if I can still make it for the other one now at the end of the season.”

Her rival Kober who had to settle with second presented herself as fair loser.

I'm absolutely fine with the result although it was very close. I'm very happy with it and for Patrizia. I'm racing with her for such a long time now and we always celebrated our biggest moments together.”

While the PSL World Cup title race is over, the one for the PGS Crystal Globe as well as the overall parallel ranking is still on.

Fischnaller (3,990) and Marion Kreiner (AUT, 3,040) lead the Parallel Overall World Cup ranking after the Moscow event with the next parallel giant slalom to come on March 10 in Arosa, Switzerland.



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