Reiter completes mountain bike project

28 September 2015 12:05
Justin Reiter conquers another peak
Justin Reiter conquers another peak -


End of last week, 2013 world championships parallel slalom silver medallist Justin Reiter from Steamboat Springs, CO finally finished a project he had in mind for quite a while.

The 2014 Olympian's goal was simple and hard at the same time: to climb all legal 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado which are 15 in total.

On September 23, 2015, he conquered the Summit Pikes Peak as last one of his bucket list and therefore became the first ever to complete the full list of legal fourteeners!

“The route included a 19 mile climb with 6,000+ feet of ascent. The descent on Elk Park made the grind worth it,” reported Reiter.

Besides the training aspect of his approach, Reiter's goal of mastering all 15 legal peaks quickly became a topic of much debate as trail use and access to public is a very relevant issue.

“I hope this accomplishment continues to inspire dialogue not conflict. I do not propose a blanket statement allowing bikes everywhere.

However, I believe the archaic rules banning them in certain areas need to be revisited,” the solo-adventurer posted on in his social media channels where he also proposed to model existing programs like hunting and fishing licenses as well as permits similar to the Grand Canyon.

“Through education and respect responsible trail sharing is possible. The forest service faces a 500 million dollar back log of trail maintenance. Affordable licensing and permitting can help generate revenue to lessen this burden.”