Snowboard Germany celebrates 200 days to go to PyeongChang

25 July 2017 08:58
#RoadtoPyeongChang -

Over the course of the last week, President Hanns-Michael Hoelz, Sport Director Stefan Knirsch and Head Coach Andreas Scheid had travelled through the South of Germany to visit each of every rider who was named part of the Top Team for PyeongChang 2018.

With last Monday marking the 200 to go deadline to the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, Snowboard Germany revealed the top-7.

“We wanted to showcase our appreciation and roll out the red carpet as final motivator,” said President Hoelz.

“All seven have achieved their special status due to their outstanding results in the past couple of months. That said, it is also clear that the door isn't closed for the rest of our riders.”

The seven athletes who form the Top Team PyeongChang 2018 are:

  • Ramona Hofmeister (Bischofswiesen, 21)
  • Carolin Langenhorst (Bischofswiesen, 21)
  • Cheyenne Loch (Schliersee, 22)
  • Selina Jörg (Sonthofen, 29)
  • Stefan Baumeister (Feldkirchen-Westerham, 24)
  • Patrick Bussler (Aschheim, 33)
  • Silvia Mittermüller (München, 33)

Watch the video of the road trip: