Variety makes all the difference

03 August 2015 14:27
The German raecboard team did enjoy the new exercises
The German raecboard team did enjoy the new exercises -
Torsten Neuwirth

The raceboard team of Snowboard Germany has been testing some new training methods to break through the daily preparation routine for the up-coming winter season.

Normally, the athletes are heading for the gym twice a day in summer time.

Some days ago, the coaching staff and the snowboarders came together for three days to train in the CrossFit at Rosenheim to get taught in some functional exercises which are executed with high intensity whilst being constantly modified.

Following up a daily warm-up the hips as well as shoulder mobility got improved whilst core body and legs got strengthened.

“It's our goal to work harder than the rest. CrossFit Rosenheim not only offered us perfect training conditions but also an individual coaching. Thanks to this, we were able to set a new training impulse. It was a very cool relief from the sometimes monotone training routine”, said Paul Marks.

The Assistant Coach added: “The workout our athletes had to go through definitely pushed them to their limits which is very important to get one step further.”