World Champion meets DTM

07 August 2014 09:45
PGS World Champion Isabella Laböck visited the DTM
PGS World Champion Isabella Laböck visited the DTM -

It's obvious that Isabella Laböck loves speed. Otherwise it wouldn't make any sense that the German raceboarder would compete in the parallel disciplines. However, last weekend, the reigning PGS World Champion checked out something else, something faster.

During the sixth stop of the German Racing Circuit called DTM, the 28-year-old, who recently joined the team of Rabanser Snowboards visited the Mercedes crew.

Laböck was invited to take a few laps on Spielberg course with Bernd Mayländer at the wheel who is well-known as the Formula 1's Safety Car driver.

“That was amazing. It was a great experience to go for a few rounds and check out how it feels to be a race car pilot,” she said.

Laböck and Mercedes – quite a story as the snowboarder also met the Germany automobile manufacturer's driver Pascal Wehrlein last February.

Laböck gave the youngest DTM racer in history a few snowboard lessons.

In exchange, Wehrlein shared a bit of his knowledge with a safe driving training unit.