Jonathan CHEEVER

Jonathan Cheever
United States of America

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Birth place: Boston, MA
Residence: Park City, UT
Marital Status: Single
Othersports: Baseball, Boston Red Sox
  • Jonathan is a very good example for people following their passion. After he had started skiing when he was eight, his parents had a free snowboarding lesson at Attitash Bear Peak in New Hampshire during Thanksgiving 1997.

    He jumped on a board and got hooked right away.

    Ten years later he debuted on the SBX World Cup tour finishing in 48th position at Lake Placid. It then took him only one and a half years more to bring home his first podium result claiming second at Stoneham.

    Despite the struggle for money to live his dream.

    In order to travel with the World Cup Cheever makes a living being a plumber, 12 hours a day. However, although that is time-consuming for sure, he also aims to be in the gym five days a week to stay in shape.

    Doing so, he had his best season so far in 2011 when he not only earned two more runner-up finishes (Stoneham and Valmalenco) but also the National SBX Title and thus a swanky green dinner jacket that comes with it.

    But being on the top of his game, his season ended even worse: with an Achilles’s tendon rupture.

    However this Saugus kid had the will to fight back and a few months later, he was back on track competing on the World Cup – earning his career's fourth podium, tellingly in Stoneham 2012, the place which he seems to ride best.

    However, not at the last World Champs when the friend of Austria's SBX rider Maria Ramberger could't tie on to his eighth place of La Molina 2011 finishing 34th.

    Still missing a win on the world's most respected SBX tour and yearning for a big result at major events, the producer of the film project SBX the Movie is ready to battle for his Olympic spot in one of the strongest teams on tour.

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