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Languages: English
Birth place: Sandpoint, ID
Residence: Squaw Valley, CA
Marital Status: Single
Hobbies: Surfing, Fishing, Target Shooting, Cincinnati Bengals
  • You never know what comes out if you let your little kid watch a snowboard movie. For Nate Holland, who was born in Sandpoint, ID, in 1978, it was the turning point of his life after he had seen Shawn Farmer and Damian Sanders launching the legendary "fingers" of Squaw Valley. Ever since Holland knew that he had to start a professional snowboarder career.

    In the next winter holidays in Switzerland, the eight year old boy started to shred the slopes falling in love with speed, speed and speed.

    In the following years, the Cincinnati Bengals fan built up a strong body, a nature sense for winning, an eagle eye for the right lines on the snowboard cross courses plus the shape to race down even the long tracks around the world faster than anybody else.

    Holland has the outgoing attitude of a true racer being able to sharpen the elbows before getting in the start gate and putting the hammer down on the slope being the one to survive the battle.

    In addition, the two-time Olympian, who brought home a Bronze medal from the 2007 World Championships in Arosa, Switzerland, also built up a huge confidence due to his outstanding performances at the X Games - performances which also earned him high respect from all other riders competing on the best level possible.

    He was the first ever athlete to celebrate a X Games five-peat: Holland, whose younger brother Pat also competes on the World Cup circuit, won the last of his five consecutive X Games Gold medals just a few weeks before his second Olympics - the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games, which he entered full of confidence but didn't get what he might deserved - a medal - as he 'only' placed fourth.

    It's this mix of confidence and riding skills, the thrill for action, simply the whole package, which makes the US snowboard veteran, who has visited the countries' troops in Afghanistan and Iraq a few times already, a top aspirant for the podium at every snowboard cross he competes in.

    Especially when checking his current record of 15 podium results in 65 races including five wins until the start of the 2014 season.

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