• TeamRiders will return to Montafon end of this week

    SBX World Cup continues in Europe

  • Also the second race in Cerro Catedral underlined that it was the right decision to open up a new stop on the World Cup tour

    Jacobellis and Pullin victorious in second Cerro Catedral ...

  • Alex Pullin and Chloe Trespeuch shine in Yellow after their win at the season's opener in Argentina

    Trespeuch and Pullin kick off new SXB season with a win

  • Finally time to blast down a World Cup course again

    Samkova and Robanske in top form

  • The last WC in Argentina took place in Bariloche 2009 in front of a stellar scenery

    SBX World Cup season to open in Argentina

  • The first ever women's Team SBX world champs come from France: Nelly Moenne Loccoz and Chloe Trespeuch

    SN2017 so far: Highlights of the 2017 Snowboard World ...