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Birth place: Wien
Residence: Klosterneuburg
Occupation: student
Hobbies: Kino, Klettern, Lesen, Surfen
Ski Club: Union Trendsport Weichberger
  • Maria Ramberger's bio could be quickly summed up as “from no snow to the Olympics” as the Austrian boarder cross athlete grew up in Klosterneuburg, a small town close to Vienna.

    And as the area around the capital hardly gets any snow or only a tiny little bit (about half an inch) around Christmas, the road to becoming an Olympic snowboarder didn't seem to be that fortunate.

    Especially as the closest mountain resort is located within a four hours car drive – a huge distance as we talk about Austria!

    However, what most certainly helped Maria to achieve her goal of becoming an Olympic snowboarder – in 2010 she finished the women's SBX race on the 16th rank - was this special attitude kids have when they are age 12.

    “When I decided to grow up to be an Olympian, snowboarding seemed like a really good idea. I say 'understandably' and I‘m not kidding - when I want something I sometimes am not the smartest person. I was a stubborn kid. The only thing that has changed is that I call it determined today. There is not much else to say about that - I made a decision and I stuck with it. Despite the distance, the cold and all the people who told me that I couldn‘t.”

    Ever since, the former member of the Austrian Army who just missed the X-Games podium in 2010 as fourth ranked rider, worked a lot to get better season after season.

    In addition, the student (phd in law), who competed in so far 50 World Cup races (end of 2013 season) is trying to make a living out of her sport.

    Maria is part of a film project ( and also enjoys to do some personal snow trips after World Cup stops when the rest of the team already heads homewards.

    “No wonder I don't see my friends and family that often. But honestly they are one of the most important things in my life. Sometimes I come home after a three week trip, jet lag and all, and straight from the airport I drive to a friend's house for sushi and a movie.”

    However, winter time is fully dedicated to her sport, her passion. And the upcoming season will be a special one for the reigning national Champion focusing on her second Olympics.

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