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Languages: German, English
Birth place: Oberstdorf
Residence: Oberstdorf
Education: Abitur
Marital Status: Single
Hobbies: Football, Canyoning, Tennis, Skateborading
Ski Club: SC Oberstdorf
Othersports: Football
Majorinjuries: Knee injury August 2003, 3 month not riding, pain till summer 2004
  • In 1980, the snowboard industry was on the verge of its great breakthrough as a new technology for snowboards was established by Burton, Sims and Winterstick. In the very same year, David Speiser saw the light of the day.

    Although he was born right in the Olympic midsummer of 1980, David Speiser quickly developed into a snow kid. When the little boy got in contact with snow the first time, he immediately fell in love with the little snowflakes.

    Ever since, the Oberstdorf resident's fascination increased. Growing up right between two ski resorts, Fellhorn and Nebelhorn, the rider, who is simply called "SPEISAAA" by everyone in the World Cup circuit, quickly discovered the world of snow on skis. The snowboard boom in the early nineties brought him on the board - it was a milestone for his professional.

    In the age of fifteen, Speiser participated in his first contest, a slopestyle event, getting infected by the virus of competitive sports. David also dropped in the halfpipe and enjoyed some huge air time when showcasing some stylish tricks before he finally discovered snowboard cross.

    After his first ever World Cup start in Berchtesgaden in 2003, many other followed in which the national team rider earned a couple of podium spots so far.

    A heavy set-back, a knee injury suffered in 2003, also had some good influence on his career as he had to develop a new spirit, a fighting character which is so important to "survive" the battle with three other men on the snowboard cross courses. "I always wanted to jump with more style and control to prove that I'm faster than the other riders."

    Because of his background in many disciplines the eighth ranked rider of the 2010 Olympics is one of the most complete riders of the scene with brilliant skills in carving, jumping and gliding. And if there is some time - he also takes opportunity to show off some nice method airs while soaring through the air after having hit the last kicker on a snowboard cross course.

    Having earned the respect of the international field over the past years, the 2008 X-Games Bronze medallist loves the idea of snowboard cross - without subjective judges - to be the fastest one, push through and win.

    Although he hasn't placed on the top podium spot yet, the friendly and outgoing athlete from Bavaria is ready for more - aiming for his first ever World Cup win.

Latest World Cup Results

1608211.01.2014SnowboardcrossVallnord-ArcalísANDWorld Cup15160.00
1606121.12.2013SnowboardcrossLake LouiseCANWorld Cup3032.00
1606020.12.2013SnowboardcrossLake LouiseCANQualification28
1604707.12.2013SnowboardcrossMontafonAUTWorld Cup2470.00

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