• SBX World Cup Feldberg - SBX2 - Finals - 8th Final men 1 with Pierre Vaultier (FRA, red), Kevin Hill (CAN, green), Tim Watter (SUI, blue), Tony Ramoin (FRA, yellow), Daniil Dilman (RUS, white), Leon Beckhaus (GER, black)

    SBX WC Feldberg Race 2

    Some photos of the second sprint sbx of the double World Cup event in Feldberg, ...

  • SBX World Cup Feldberg - SBX1 - Finals - Quarter final 1 men with Pierre Vaultier (FRA, red bib), Chris Robanske (CAN, green bib), Nick Baumgartner (USA, blue bib), Shinya Momono (JPN, yellow bib) and Nick Watter (SUI, black bib)

    SBX WC Feldberg Race 1

    Some photos of the first ever sprint snowboard cross World Cup race staged at ...