• The Montafon course is a rider’s favourite as it provides close battles from top to bottom like the one between Pierre Vaultier (FRA) and Konstantin Schad (GER)

    Pairings from France and Spain repeat their Team SBX win in Montafon

    Chloe Trespeuch and Nelly Moenne Loccoz from France as well as Spanish riders Regino Hernandez and Lucas Eguibar have successfully defended their 2016 Montafon title in the SXB World Cup tour's first team event of the 2017-18 season which took place on Sunday.  

  • The moment Michele Moioli (right) made the right decision and pushed her board forward

    Moioli and Hughes shine in snowy Montafon SBX

    Michela Moioli (ITA) and Jarryd Hughes (AUS) have brought home their respective first win of the season triumphing in this winter's fourth individual race of the SBX World Cup tour which was staged in Montafon, Austria today.

  • Team SBX WC Montafon

    Team SBX World Cup Montafon

    Defending champions Trespeuch/Moenne Loccoz as well as Hernandez/Eguibar walk ...

  • SBX World Cup Montafon

    SBX World Cup Montafon

    The fourth SBX race of the 2017-18 World Cup season took place in Montafon, ...