Argentina home of snowboard cross

24 September 2015 13:18
A great set-up led to a great training camp in Argentina
A great set-up led to a great training camp in Argentina -
Harald Benselin

Since a few weeks, Bariloche, Argentina has turned into the epicentre of snowboard cross.

The former World Cup resort situated right in the heart of the Andes is currently hosting a SBX & SX training camp which attracted not only the US sbx roster and the French boarder cross team but also Swiss rising star Sandra Gerber as well as the ski cross teams from Russia and and Fanny Smith.

The camp is called Snow Cross Training Camp of the Andes and is led by former FIS Snowboard Race Director Ted Martin who still serves the tour with his expertise as Technical Delegate from time to time.

Backed with tons of know-how Martin and his crew stood out for perfect training conditions over the past weeks from September 5 till 25.

On behalf of all squads Harald Benselin, the former Swiss Head Coach who will start working for Australia as assistant to Ben Wordsworth next month, said: “Everything has been perfectly organised. The sbx track was groomed and coloured every day and ready for training.

They have done a great track of about some 40 seconds in length including two start gates, and all of this for a fair package prize which was really attractive.”

The Belgium born coach, who was hired by his former protégé Sandra Gerber for the South America trip, added: “The goal was to be on real snow in high altitude but not on a glacier, and we wanted to meet with good teams like the US and France- It's been a good trip.”