Athletes in summer time: Kevin Hill jumps a cliff

04 August 2014 10:16
Kevin Hill jumps a cliff
Kevin Hill jumps a cliff -

This is more of the category: 'Kids, don't try this at home!'

Canada Snowboard's snowboard cross racer Kevin Hill currently enjoys the B.C. summer which offers plenty of activities.

And as we all know, this kid loves to live life to the fullest.

In the off-season, Hill can be found racing BMX in his hometown of Vernon or executing extreme sports such as downhill mountain biking, surfing, wakeboarding and well, cliff jumping.

The 2014 Olympian who finished on a rank 8 at the Sochi Olympic Winter Games posted a short video on instagram which shows him jumping off a pretty high cliff at Kal Lake.

But not only straight. The World Cup rider with one podium result to his belt so far performed a little bit differently.

But watch for yourself: