Odine and Johnson have their eye on Nor-Am Cup title

04 March 2016 16:08
The start at the Sugarloaf sbx course
The start at the Sugarloaf sbx course -

Current leaders of the sbx Nor-Am Cup ranking have underlined their claim on the title during a triple event staged at Sugerloaf, ME on the first weekend of March.

Meryeta Odine (CAN) was able to fend off the attacks of her strongest pursuers Rosina Mancari (USA), Tayler Wilton (CAN) and Anna Miller (USA) of which both US racers had claimed one win each.

But as Odine also came out successful once, the 19-year-old was able to defend her lead.

In the race for the men's title, Cole Johnson left no doubts that he wanted the honour and the title badly which guarantees a personal World Cup spot.

Two wins and one runner-up finish made the 22-year-old the dominating racer of the competition weekend which took place on the home mountain of 2006 and 2010 Olympic champion Seth Wescott.

With two more races to come, Johnson is already where he wanted to be with Odine having pushed the door wide open to her first career's title, too.

Full results of the sbx triple event can be viewed online.

The current Nor-Am Cup standings are also available online for both, women and men.