Season over for Michael Hämmerle

05 December 2013 11:48
Portrait Michael Hämmerle
Portrait Michael Hämmerle -

It's been the worst start into the season for the hosting nation right the day before the FIS Snowboard Cross World Cup winter of 2014 was supposed to kick off.

Michael Haemmerle, the older of the two brothers competing for Snowboard Team Austria, injured his knee badly during the test run session staged yesterday and thus one day prior to today's official training.

Gino” was the second athlete on the course who was about to check the practicability of the course.

Test runs are mandatory and usual on the World Cup circuit to find out if the shaper crew has to make some more adjustments.

While 2009 World Champion Markus Schairer, the first out of the start gate, didn't look well at the third jump but managed to clean it, Hämmerle landed unluckily after an unstable air time and tore his left ACL.

It was a heavy impact on the knees when he landed on his backside. We were guessing right away that he tore his ACL. Unfortunately it turned out that we were right,” said Austria's SBX head coach Tom Greil.

Hämmerle underwent surgery a few hours later in Schruns.

It's a bitter season's out for him and the team. Gino was in a good shape. But he is strong and has the will to fight back. We all will support him.”