Spanish athletes ride the waves of Sopelana

15 July 2016 17:14
The RFEDI family at the beach
The RFEDI family at the beach -

At the beginning of July, members of the Spanish snowboard, alpine and cross-country teams spent four days in the Basque Country surrounded by waves with the goal of creating team spirit between all athletes.

Guided by professionals from Barrika Surf Camp more than 30 members of RFEDI, athletes and techs alike, shared a new experience at the beach of Sopelana breaking the everyday routine of their season's preparations.

Although some of them have already had some surfing experience such as snowboard cross pro Lucas Eguibar or his teammate Regino Hernandez, the majority of the group had never surfed before.

According to RFEDI physical coach Jesús Pérez the participants of the workshop achieved their team building goal as athletes not only got to know each other better but also shared some good moments together whilst also getting some updates regarding meteorology, surf history and public relations.

For Perez, the workshop which was held thanks to the collaboration of the Basque Team and the Centro de perfeccionamiento Técnico Fadura has been a success:

“They have experienced some great moments and a new sport which depends on the weather and the sea conditions”.

Just like winter sports, where athletes have to deal with varying weather and snow conditions, too.

“The mix of more than 30 people has been very fruitful: there have been athletes from different sports. Moreover, everyone was able to benefit from the knowledge coming from other disciplines. They now also have a bigger picture of the federation they belong to.”