Swiss Snowboard cross athletes on wakeboards

01 July 2013 11:26
Emilie Aubry_News
Emilie Aubry_News
Emilie Aubry_News - FIS

The Swiss Snowboard Cross team has just concluded a two-week trainings camp which focused on the fitness basics for the up-coming winter in Leysin, Switzerland.

However, the preparation camp did not only consist of intensive work outs. Also downhill rides with the mountain bikes and wakeboarding didn't go short.

According to head coach Harald Benselin, the squad did a good job while heading towards the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

„The team likes those new stimuli and is open to try it out.“

Especially as wakeboarding is simply a sport to enjoy.

„It's a good relief from the sport specific training,“ says Simona Meiler, the best ranked female of the last season (8th in the world). „It's a good mix of hard work and fun.“

Her team mate Emilie Aubry (photo) adds: „A lot of movements are similar to the ones in snowboard cross” and are thus a perfect additional exercise for the new season.