Team SBX World Cup titles go to France and Italy

18 March 2018 14:47
Chloe Trespeuch and Nelly Moenne Loccoz remained unbeaten in the 2017-18 Team SBX season
Chloe Trespeuch and Nelly Moenne Loccoz remained unbeaten in the 2017-18 Team SBX season -

Nelly Moenne Loccoz and Chloe Trespeuch took the title with their fourth consecutive win, while a fourth rank finish was enough for Emanuel Perathoner and Omar Visintin to secure their crystal globes.

French racers Moenne Loccoz and Trespeuch made it four out of four and capped of the season unbeaten winning today ahead of Sofia Belingheri and Raffaella Brutto from Italy as well as Canada's Zoe Bergermann and Tess Critchlow.

But the 2017 World Champions only kept a clean sheet due to the mistake of their Italian rivals.

Capitalising on being a goofy in the final left turn, Brutto had been able to break away and already looked comfortable to cross the finish line in first after an intense battle back and forth with Trespeuch.

But with the finish within sight, the 30-year-old got thrown from the roller section almost going off the home stretch. While Brutto managed to avoid a fall, she lost pace and ran into the finish post which opened the door for Trespeuch to pass her on the final metres to claim another win and a dominant World Cup title for FRA 1.

In the men's event, a fourth rank finish in an exciting men's final was enough for Emanuel Perathoner and Omar Visintin from Italy to take home the crystal globes.

The men's Team SBX World Cup podium after four of four races

Both were also aiming to finish off the season with a win but their hopes on a top podium result got dashed early in the men's final when Perathoner, the first to enter the course for ITA 1, flew off in the first right turn at approximately 80 km/h.

With the top duo of the season being out of the game, a thrilling battle of three emerged when the second riders of each team got send on the course built on the piste L'Ours.

In the end, it was Germany's Konstantin Schad who managed to sneak through the penultimate turn of the course on the inside line going all in.

Finding room to pass his rivals Lucas Eguibar (ESP) and Alessandro Haemmerle (AUT) where no real room was left, he was able to stay on his feet before breaking away in the final left turn being a goofy rider to bring home the second win for him and his teammate Paul Berg on the Team SBX World Cup tour since Montafon 2013.

“I don't know how that worked out. I couldn't see my board. The thing was to maintain the speed and don't get disqualified. It's awesome that it worked out,” said Schad.

Thanks to the triumph, GER 1 climbed to the third rank of the final Team SBX standings behind of ITA 1 as well as Lucas Eguibar and Regino Hernandez of ESP 1 who finished second today ahead of Austrian athletes Hanno Douschan and Alessandro Haemmerle.

The top-3 of the final ladies' Team SBX World Cup standings were rounded out by Manon Petit Lenoir and Julia Pereira de Sousa Mabileau from France as well as tied CAN 1 with Meryeta Odine and Zoe Bergermann and CAN 3 with Zoe Bergerman and Tess Critchlow.