• Benjamin Karl (AUT) has pretty good memories on South Korea - will he be able to make the race for the pgs Crystal Globe more exciting again?

    Raceboarders return to South Korea for Olympic test event

  • Men's podium of 2nd pgs WC Bansko with 2nd Radoslav Yankov (BUL), 1st Sylvain Dufour (FRA) and 3rd Stefan Baumeister (GER)

    Zavarzina and Dufour top second Bansko parallel giant ...

  • Radoslav Yankov (BUL) celebrates win in first pgs World Cup race in Bansko

    Kummer and Yankov triumph in historic race in Bulgaria

  • The new coffee shop in Muehlebach

    A cafe for Kummer

  • Patrizia Kummer gets awarded with her second consecutive national pgs title

    Four champs at Swiss nationals

  • The moment Edwin Coratti (ITA) realises he won his first World Cup race

    Zavarzina and Coratti win alpine snowboard finale