• It took some days until Alex Bergmann was finally able to enjoy the Zermatt glacier

    German team with ups and downs in Zermatt

  • Cheyenne Loch did present the German Championship Shield prior to the Supercup final

    Special honour for Cheyenne Loch

  • The German raecboard team did enjoy the new exercises

    Variety makes all the difference

  • Two riders with a big smile: Cheyenne Loch and Alexander Bergmann won the German psl title

    German Championships at Götschen

  • Ladies Podium JWCS PSL at Valmalenco: Natalia Soboleva (RUS) takes her second Gold ahead of Michelle Dekker (NED) and Cheyenne Loch (GER)

    Soboleva takes second title within two days

  • The top boys of the PGS in Valmalenco with Kogolev in the middle

    Soboleva and Kolegov win PGS Gold at Junior Worlds