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Sebastien TOUTANT

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Languages: French
Marital Status: Single
National Coach: Max Henault
  • There are many rising stars in the freestyle snowboard scene. But there aren’t that many who have exploded onto snowboarding’s global stage being only 13 years of age. Sebastien Toutant aka Seb Toots did so in 2006 when the Quebecois won the Empire Shakedown contest on home soil.

    Ever since, the Montreal resident has been travelling the globe cementing his reputation as one of snowboarding’s biggest talents.

    Although he has competed in many important contests at such a young age, it’s not his list of top results which made him so well respected. It’s more his appetite for trick innovation which gets him all the mad props.

    While everybody is going nuts about the double corks, Seb is able to stomp them in every spin direction during competition finally reaping the fruits of his labour by finishing on more and more podiums all over the world.

    In the 2010/2011 season, Toots took the best trick award at the Billabong Ante up in Whistler by nailing a flawless cab 1260 double cork.

    In November 2010, Seb, who has already some memorable video parts in store, clinched victory in the Stockholm Big Air World Cup by sticking a huge fs 1080 double cork, a bs 1260 double cork as well as a bs 1080 double cork. It was his second appearance on the tour.

    Just two weeks later, he also won the first ever Air & Style in Beijing, China.

    But this kid is not only about to jump the biggest kickers in the world. Toots is also a killer on the slopestyle courses, what the Canadian just proved by winning the O’Neill Evolution in Davos beginning of 2011.

    Due to his experience combined with a young age and the ability to throw in the unthinkable, it’s pretty likely that this crazy young gun, which has been names the “new Shaun White” by several people, will step it up several levels within the next years being the force to beat on slopestyle courses - including the one at the 2014 Olympics.

Latest World Cup Results

1715317.12.2016Big AirCopperUSAWorld Cup2800.00
1715115.12.2016Big AirCopperUSAQualification330.00
1713226.11.2016Big AirAlpensiaKORWorld Cup7360.00
1713125.11.2016Big AirAlpensiaKORQualification150.00

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