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  • Freestyle snowboarding at its finest that's what Laax is all about.

    Being a leading freestyle resort in the Alps and committed to the progression of snowboarding since day one, Laax runs the longest continuous halfpipe in the world, which recently got updated to 24ft walls as well as an Olympic-size kicker pro-line plus a total of over 90 obstacles, all spread across four snow parks.

    After celebrating a perfect comeback as World Cup host in the 2016-17 season, Laax, an official training base for the Swiss snowboarders since 2013 and home of the European Open from 2005 till 2015, is back on the calendar with the famous LAAX OPEN again.

    And while the superpipe at Crap Sogn Gion and the world-class slopestyle course on 2,250 metres a.s.l. are state of the art, the gaLAAXy has also been under construction to meet the needs of the riders in the upcoming winter. 




     Year   Ladies  Men  Event  Format
     2002  Soko Yamaoka (JPN)  Therry Brunner (SUI)  HP  
     2016  Enni Rukajarvi (FIN)  Max Parrot (CAN)  SS  
     2016  Chloe im (USA)  Chase Josey (USA)  HP  


    Beginners' snow park

    Level: EASY

    Want to try out your first tricks and jumps on boxes and rails? In the Beginners' park between Crap Sogn Gion and Alp Dado, you can comfortably get started in the snow park scene and improve your skills on boxes, rails and tables.

    Ils Plauns snow park

    Level: MEDIUM

    If you want to take your skills to the next level, then Ils Plauns snow park is the place for you. There are a host of rails, boxes and various kicker lines waiting for you between Crap Sogn Gion and Alp Dado. You can quickly get to grips with new tricks, push yourself to the limit and perfect your style.

    P60 snow park

    Level: PRO/MEDIUM

    "P60 all day!" If you've been to LAAX, then you'll know this saying. It's easy to spend the entire day at P60. You will find a vast range of rails, boxes, slides, pyramid walls and industry pipes, and all in a single run. On a slope length of no less than 1,000 metres, you will also find the kicker pro-line with four Olympic-size kickers.

    NoName snow park

    Level: PRO/MEDIUM

    Want to make your jumps even more spectacular? It's time to tame "The Beast". The legendary NoName snow park is home to the largest superpipe in Europe with a length of 200 metres, a width of 22 metres and a world record height of 6.9 metres. There is also a mini-pipe for those looking to make their first jumps, where you can also simply work up a little surf feeling.



Latest News

  • Max Parrot (CAN) competes in last year's LAAX OPEN slopestyle World Cup

    LAAX OPEN back in January

    Winter will be around soon again in Central Europe. And with it, the high-class snowboard event LAAX OPEN

  • The 2017 halfpipe junior world champions Berenice Wicki and Hyeon-Min Cho

    Wicki and Cho 2017 halfpipe junior world champions

    Switzerland's Berenice Wicki and South Korea's Hyeon-Min Cho have been crowned 2017 halfpipe junior world champions coming out successful of the finals staged as culmination of the ten-day Freestyle Champs in Laax, Switzerland.

  • Gabe Ferguson (USA) getting some air time in the LAAX OPEN superpipe

    Ferguson brothers with historic performance

    Ben and Gabe Ferguson have pulled of a feat only a few siblings have been able to do so in the history of halfpipe World Cup riding.

  • A US dream team: Chloe Kim and Chase Josey grab the LAAX OPEN title and lead the halfpipe World Cup tour

    US domination at LAAX OPEN halfpipe event

    Snowboarding's riders have dominated the halfpipe finals of the LAAX OPEN which have been part of the snowboard freestyle World Cup tour for the first time in history.

  • Enni Rukajarvi celebrates her LAAX OPEN win alongside Jamie Anderson (3rd) and Anna Gasser (2nd)

    Rukajarvi and Parrot top Europe's most prestigious snowboard event

    Enni Rukajarvi (FIN) and Max Parrot (CAN) have earned their chapters in the history books winning the LAAX OPEN 2017 slopestyle event which was part of the Snowboard Freestyle World Cup tour for the very first time and featured a field able to throw down the best and creative tricks.

  • Chloe Kim ruled the superpipe at the LAAX OPEN semis

    Halfpipe sensations dominate Laax semis

    US snowboarding wonder Chloe Kim (USA) as well as reigning Olympic champion Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI) have lived up to the expectations bringing down the best runs in today's halfpipe semis of the LAAX OPEN 2017.


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