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  • Quebec City has a long World Cup history.

    Since 2009, the capital of the French-speaking province in eastern Canada has been hosting annually big air World Cup events downtown as co-host for the Stoneham World Cups only interrupted once when the FIS World Championships were held in town back in 2013.

    As the previous years, the purpose-built mega ramp at Îlot Fleurie, which will once again be situated right in-between two highways close to the old colonial core which dates back to 1608, will play centre stage for the final big air action to wrap up the 2017-18 FIS Snowboard World Cup season as part of the famous Jamboree snow festival.



     Year   Ladies  Men  Event  Format
     Stefan Gimpl (AUT)  BA
     2010    Janne Korpi (FIN)  BA  
     2011    Sebastien Toutant (CAN)  BA  
     2012    Antoine Truchon (CAN)  BA  
     2014    Petja Piiroinen (FIN)  BA  
     2015  Cheryl Maas (NED)  Darcy Sharpe (CAN)  BA  
     2016  Jamie Anderson (USA)  Max Parrot (CAN)  BA  
     2017  Anna Gasser (AUT)  Mark McMorris (CAN)  BA  



     Year  Ladies  Men  Event  Format
     2002  Sara Fischer (SWE)  Mathieu Bozzetto (FRA)  PGS  re-run
     2002  Ursula Bruhin (SUI)  Philipp Schoch (SUI)  PGS  re-run
     2002    Risto Mattila (FIN)  BA
     2002  Heidi Kurkinen (FIN)  Vinzenz Lueps (GER)  HP
     2003    Jaako Ruha (FIN)  BA
     2003  Soko Yamaoka (JPN)  Antti Autti (FIN)  HP
     2003  Ursula Bruhin (SUI)  Urs Eiseling  PGS  re-run
     2007  Fraenzi Kohli (SUI)  Heinz Inniger (SUI)  PGS  re-run
     2007  Helene Olafsen (NOR)  Pierre Vaultier (FRA)  SBX  Heats of 4
     2007  Manuele Laura Pesko (SUI)  Daniel Friberg (SUI)  HP  
     2008  Lindsey Jacobellis (USA)  Pierre Vaultier (FRA)  SBX  Heats of 4
     2008  Nicolien Sauerbreij (NED)  Benjamin Karl (AUT)  PGS  re-run
     2008  Manuela Laura Pesko (SUI)  Gregory Bretz (USA)  HP  
     2009  Lindsey Jacobellis (USA)  Markus Schairer (AUT)  SBX  Heats of 4
     2009  Soko Yamaoka (JPN)  Jeff Batchelor (CAN)  HP  
     2009  Amelie Kober (GER)  Benjamin Karl (AUT)  PGS  re-run
     2010  Maelle Ricker (CAN)  Pierre Vaultier (FRA)  SBX  Heats of 4
     2010  Xuetong Cai (CHN)  Janne Korpi (FIN)  HP  
     2010  Svetlana Boldykova (RUS)  Benjamin Karl (AUT)  PGS  re-run
     2011  Lindsey Jacobellis (USA)  Nick Baumgartner (USA)  SBX  Heats of 4
     2011  Xuetong Cai (CHN)  Ryo Aono (JPN)  HP  
     2011  Ekaterina Tudegescheva (RUS)  Benjamin Karl (AUT)   PGS  re-run
     2012  Maelle Ricker (CAN)  Pierre Vaultier (FRA)  SBX  Heats of 6
     2012  Ekaterina Tudegescheva (RUS)  Andreas Prommegger (AUT)  PGS  re-run
     2012  Xuetong Cai (CHN)  Nathan Johnstone (AUS)  HP  
     2012  Charlotte van Gils (NED)  Dimi de Jong (NED)  SS  
     2014  Rana Okada (JPN)  Ryo Aono (JPN)  HP  
     2014  Christy Prior (NZL)  Maxence Parrot (CAN)  SS  
     2015  Cheryl Maas (NED)  Michael Ciccarelli(CAN)  SS  
     2017  Julia Marino (USA)  Sebastien Toutant (CAN)  SS  



Latest News

  • Riders took over downtown Quebec City for the tenth time already

    Marino and Parrot take win at Big Air World Cup finals

    Julia Marino (USA) and Max Parrot (CAN) have triumphed in the 2017-18 FIS Snowboard World Cup season's final event. The US rider and the home town favourite took home the win in the big air event of the famous Jamboree festival staged right between two highways in downtown Quebec City.

  • The ramp construction in downtown Quebec City is in full swing

    Impressive big air structure takes shape in Quebec City

    The 2017-18 FIS Snowboard World Cup season will wrap up things with a bang as the circuit returns to downtown Quebec City for its big air finals staged at the famous Jamboree presented by Vidéotron.

  • The Big Air World Cup will return to Quebec City - this time for the first time in spring

    Spring is in the air at the Jamboree presented by Vidéotron

    After a successful opener to the Big Air World Cup season we are already expecting some great action at the very last event of the season as it will be something special.

  • Seb Toutant and Mark McMorris celebrate a 1-2 double for Canada with Marcus Kleveland (NOR) in third

    Marino and Toutant shine at slopestyle World Cup Quebec

    Julia Marino (USA) and Sebastien Toutant (CAN) have claimed victory in the penultimate slopestyle World Cup event of the 2016-17 season which was staged as part of the 2017 Jamboree presented by Vidéotron Mobile in the Stoneham Mountain Resort, Canada.

  • Anna Gasser (AUT) and Mark McMorris (CAN) win Quebec City big air and walk away with some coveted trophies

    Gasser and McMorris top Quebec City big air and win World Cup as well as Super Series titles

    Anna Gasser (AUT) and Mark McMorris (CAN) have claimed victory in the 2016-17 snowboard freestyle World Cup season's sixth and final big air event which was staged as part of the 2017 Jamboree presented by Vidéotron Mobile on Ilot Fleurie in downtown Quebec City, Canada today.

  • Anna Gasser secured her career's first World Cup title after winning the big air qualifiers in Quebec City

    Gasser secures World Cup wins

    While the Austrian rider claims her career's first titles, the race for the Crystal Globe is as close as it could get over on the men's side.


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