Austrian snowboarders recharged batteries in the water

31 August 2012 10:35
Markus Schairer, Alessandro Hämmerle, Susi Moll, SBX-Co-Trainer Gerald Kerschhackel
Markus Schairer, Alessandro Hämmerle, Susi Moll, SBX-Co-Trainer Gerald Kerschhackel -

The element water did play a major role in the last stamina work out session, the Austrian boarder cross team held in Gmunden.

Besides some canoeing on the Traunsee (Lake Traun), Markus Schairer, Alessandro and Michael Haemmerle, Hanno Douschan and Susi Moll went for some wind surfing, tubing and wakeboarding.

OESV SBX head coach and assistant coach Gerald Kerschhackel had put together a strength-sapping program over the course of the trainings days in Upper Austria.

According to this, the duo ordered the rooster on a 25 km long paddle tour aroud the TraunseE.

“It's been the ultimate test for the upper body and the arms,” said Greil.

In addition, after the national cross team had learned how to wind surf in record time the five riders went for some turns facing a pretty strong breeze.

During the tubing session, everyone was pretty busy to stay on the big floating tyre after the pilot had put the pedal to the metal.

In the less dramatic wake board session, Hanno Douschan was in his element.

“Our World Cup season kicks off with a double event on home soil in Schruns which will be one of two season highlights for us. The other one is – of course – the World Championships race in Stoneham, Canada,” explained Markus Schairer.

The 2009 SBX World Champion added: “We have to be well prepared as we want to show everyone how good we are. Therefore, it's good that the coaching team focus on new methods and set new stimuli from time to time.”

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